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Launched – January 30, 2023

Lost in Jersey is hosted by friends Rachel Martens and Janette Afsharian. They moved from New York City to New Jersey after their apartments got too small for kid #2.  Lost for a bit, but eventually, they discovered Jersey is pretty great!

Join them for entertaining interviews with NJ friends, business owners, parents, locals, local celebrities, and who knows, maybe a tourist!

What were they like as kids? How’d they got here? What do they do, did, or want to do? And what do they love about Jersey?

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Produced by Rachel Martens & Janette Afsharian


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You guys did a great job!

Rated 5 out of 5
February 28, 2023

We need part 2 of Roger’s episode.


Listened to every episode of Lost in Jersey

Rated 5 out of 5
February 28, 2023

We were driving back from Vermont today and listened to every episode of lost in jersey. Rob described it as an introvert’s dream – it’s like being at a fascinating dinner party. Congrats to you, Rachel, and all your guests. 😘 👏


I meant to tell you...

Rated 5 out of 5
February 1, 2023

I thought the funniest thing you said was that you time how long it takes you to get home from the city, let people know, and that you are in your jammies. I truly laughed out loud on that one. It is hard to believe this is your first podcast. Stay the same, don’t change.


What a great idea!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 30, 2023

Okay, what do I have to do to be a guest on this? What a great idea! – Julie


Just spent my morning listening!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 30, 2023

Just spent my morning listening to this amazing first episode! So inspiring to spend my morning with three talented, creative, and cool women. – Georgette



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Meet the Guests!

A+ Street Photographer
(Air Date Jan 30, 2023)

Her photos are getting the recognition they deserve.
Books and galleries are noticing.

Actor on a winning streak
(Air Date Feb 7, 2023)

Creator of the always SOLD OUT Salon Stories events and catch some acting breaks.
See her in Apple TV’s Dear Edward.

Poet & Professor
(Airs Date Feb 14, 2023)

Writer of award-winning poetry books and complicated theory books we need to be explained to us. Love working at Queens college for its diversity and amazing record on class mobility of low to high rungs. 

Montclair Councilmember
(Air Date Feb 27, 2023)

A life of public service. Where for Hillary Clinton and Governor Spitzer he is on a mission to improve communities. 
Meet Montclair’s Council-At-Large.

Sidney Simon

Real Estate Expert
(Air Date March 6, 2023)

Repeat winner of top broker awards and one of the classiest people around. Tell everyone that the burbs are cool! 

Wendy Lacey

Local Business Owner
(Air Date March 13, 2023)

Get to know the business-savvy mind behind Cornerstone Montclair. A store with a mission of inclusivity to create employment for those with disabilities. Inspiring interview. 

Charles Rosen

Ironbound Hard Cider


Founder of a craft hard cidery and regenerative farm.  A model that takes responsibility for the impact they have on the social, economic, and ecological well-being of their communities

Trae Bodge

Smart Shopping Expert

Teaching us to save money, shop frugally, live fully.

GMA, Today Show, ABC, NBC & FOX News, Inside Edition, MSN, Forbes, CNBC

Dionne Ford

Author of Go Back and Get It

Has a highly reviewed and anticipated upcoming book – a memoir of race, inheritance, and intergenerational healing that follows her journey to track down her history.

Georgette Gilmore

Jersey Born & Fantastic

Get to know this smart woman. Her journey around New Jersey and into the lives of many of the cools folks around.

Robert Genovese

Local Coffee Montclair


Meet the owner of this very art-focused coffee house.

Named  as a top 100 best coffee shops in the United States, according to Yelp reviews
The Hill 2022

Kelly Woodward

New Jersey State Trooper


Very excited about this booking Rachel made. One of us always wanted to be a cop. Name starts with a J.  So many questions.


Kate Zernike

Pulitzer Prize-winning author (Booked)

National reporter at New York Times and author of new book:  THE EXCEPTIONS: Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the Fight for Women in Science

Michelle Shiber

Animal Rescue


She’s the expert on all things to do with animals in town. Bears, deer, foxes, raccoons, turkeys, hawks, eagles, raccoons, rabbits, hedgehogs, turkeys, peacocks, dogs, and cats.  So many questions!


Alex Hall

TV Series Director, Producer, Editor

Law & Order, The Deuce, The Wire to name a few.

Working on it 🙂


Working on it 🙂


Working on it 🙂


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Rachel Martens


Voice-over artist, writer, violinist, Montclair Story Salon member, and former engineer. Has some kids, one husband, and a decent amount of friends. Finds life is okay most of the time, other times, it’s hilarious. Lives – in Jersey, just outside of NYC.

Janette Afsharian


Graphic artist, coder, painter of an excessive amount of straight lines on canvas, and titan of digital design with a few awards. Has some kids, one husband, and a decent amount of friends. Finds life is okay most of the time, other times, distractions are needed. Lives – in Jersey, just outside of NYC.