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Best Pizza, Ice Cream, & Taylor Ham in New Jersey

The Pizza Hulk aka Stephen Winters Share His Favorites

Must know New Jersey food essentials! Learn where to get the best pizza AND…  the best ice cream and Taylor Ham sandwich in New Jersey!

Best Ice Cream in New Jersey

We met Stephen through Holsten’s. The world-famous spot is known for being the spot of the final scene of the Sopranos. Maybe Tony Soprano should have ordered the ice cream, not the onion rings. Stephen makes this famous ice cream at Holsten’s.

Best Taylor Ham Sandwich in New Jersey

Do you order an Egg, Cheese, and Taylor Ham Sandwich? or an Egg, Cheese, and Pork Roll Sandwich? It’ll let us know what part of Jersey you are from. And we let you know where to go for the most delicious one!

Best Pizza in New Jersey

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We talk best bar pies…..and what is a bar pie?  A Pizza style Air B&B? Yes, and not too far from here….we’ll give you the details.  Tune in!


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Podcast Summary


Interview with Stephen Winters, also known as the Pizza Hulk on Instagram. Stephen is renowned for making homemade ice cream at Holsten’s, a famous diner in Bloomfield, known for its appearance in The Sopranos series finale. The hosts were intrigued by Stephen’s culinary expertise and decided to delve into his journey through the world of pizza, ice cream, and beer.

Jersey Roots and Taylor Ham

Stephen, a born and raised Passaic County native, shared his love for Taylor ham, a quintessential New Jersey breakfast meat. He explained the nuances of Taylor ham and its significance in the North Jersey region. Stephen also recommended Pascarella Brothers in Chatham for the best Taylor ham and cheese sandwich experience.

Crafting Delicious Ice Cream at Holsten’s

As the mastermind behind Holsten’s homemade ice cream, Stephen revealed the secrets behind their delectable flavors. He described the process of making ice cream in the basement of Holstens, emphasizing the importance of quality ingredients and care in the preparation. Stephen also highlighted the unique flavors available at Holsten’s, such as mint Oreo swirl and caramel cashew.

Pizza Passion and Podcasting

Stephen’s podcast, Smashing Slices, showcases his love for pizza and food analysis. He discussed his favorite pizza spots in Essex County, including Vinnie’s pan pizza in Milburn and Pizzeria Mandara in West Caldwell. Stephen also shared his experience at Bivio in Montclair, where he indulged in the best white pie of his life.

New Haven Pizza Controversy

The conversation turned to New Haven pizza, sparking a debate among pizza enthusiasts. Stephen defended his appreciation for New Haven’s pizza scene, emphasizing the unique qualities of the town’s pizzerias. Despite facing criticism, Stephen stood by his love for New Haven’s pizza offerings.

Embracing All Things Jersey

Throughout the interview, Stephen expressed his unwavering love for New Jersey, from its diverse culinary scene to its vibrant shore towns. He debunked common complaints about the state, embracing everything it has to offer.


The interview with Stephen Winters, the Pizza Hulk, provided a fascinating insight into New Jersey’s culinary landscape. From Taylor ham to homemade ice cream and top-notch pizza recommendations, Stephen’s passion for food shone through. His podcast, Smashing Slices, continues to explore the world of pizza and beyond, offering a unique perspective on the culinary delights of the Garden State. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey through New Jersey with the Pizza Hulk as your guide.

Discover the best pizza, ice cream, and Taylor ham spots in New Jersey with the Pizza Hulk on the Smashing Slices podcast. Get lost in Jersey’s food scene!



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