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“Kindness can be the best medicine.”

Meet Jessica, the heart and soul behind the Instagram community, We Are Montclair. Jessica’s passion for her hometown and eagerness to support its growth is heartening.

Jessica shares her story with us from growing up in Montclair and returning to raise her children and doggies here, she has much to share about her approach to life. She helps people in need connect with the ‘helpers’ in our community. She practices loving kindness every single day.

  • “I was always taught words have power.  The way you speak to others and the way you speak to yourself is so important.”

Jessica discusses how after falling often and hurting herself, she finally got a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Her personal story of learning how to manage this disease is both humbling and inspiring. Jessica shares her journey with the disease, highlighting the need for increased awareness and understanding.

Don’t miss this episode – it’s an inspiring conversation filled with laughter, love, and a remarkable woman making a difference, one Instagram post at a time.

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We are Montclair
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Montclair Public Library
Montclair Local “What If ?”Contest
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