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Jeff Jarvis

Author of six books, founder of a magazine (Entertainment Weekly), creator of three journalism degrees (at CUNY)

We reached out to Jeff Jarvis, a visionary in journalism to discuss AI, copyrights, and journalism. He was an outlier in his recent testimony in Congress on the topic pushing for a vision of licensing that is much more liberal than most can imagine. Fascinating and complicated. You can read about his testimony here.

We look forward to discussing his vision and call for us to “rethink the copyright in this new age.”  Stay tuned for this sure-to-be thought-provoking conversation.

Jeff Jarvis is a key innovator in online news and entrepreneurial journalism. Director of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism and the Leonard Tow Professor of Journalism Innovation, A vibrant passion for evolving the news and teaching entrepreneurial journalism. He is the brain behind, a highly influential media blog.

Jeff’s journey in journalism is both diverse and remarkable. He was instrumental in launching Entertainment Weekly magazine. His writing includes influential books like “Geeks Bearing Gifts” and “What Would Google Do?” Jeff’s expertise has also benefited media giants like The Guardian and The New York Times Company. His career reflects his dedication to shaping the future of news and media.



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