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Jo LaMarca Mathisen


Meet Jo LaMarca Mathisen, a dynamo in the media industry with a dazzling 25-year journey that includes clinching an Emmy for her groundbreaking work on the Today Show. Her expertise isn’t just confined to media; she’s a transformative leadership coach, meticulously trained under the tutelage of Dr. Sylvia LaFair for over two decades. Joanne’s passion lies in empowering individuals to soar beyond limitations.

Her work at Creative Energy Options has done just that. Here, she tailors her approach to both individuals and businesses, offering bespoke coaching that promises a journey toward a life filled with joy and equilibrium.

But that’s not all. Joanne is a trailblazer in championing better care for women navigating menopause. She’s a treasure trove of insights, offering essential resources and strategies to gracefully manage menopause symptoms. Currently, she’s merging forces with renowned journalist and TV host Tamsen Fadal, working on an eye-opening documentary about menopause. 

Discover how a leadership course dramatically shifted her life’s trajectory, helping her redefine her mindset and inject new energy into her career.

Don’t miss this insightful and empowering discussion on career, women’s health, and leadership. 

“In 5 years, when your alarm goes off, where are you, who are you with, what clothes are you putting on, where are you going, what are you doing?”


  • Leadership Management Coach
  • We bring our past into our lives every day
  • How does it hold us back at work?
  • “Getting Current”
  • Trusting your Gut
  • Should Janette let her kids throw a party? NO
  • Should Rachel cook for her family? NO
  • George Costanza Rule
  • Menopause
  • Men Please Listen
  • Roger for the win
  • Tamsen Fadal
  • Often get Misdiagnosed
  • Documentary
  • To HRT or not to HRT that is the question
  • Gabapentin to help sleep through the night
  • Estradiol Vaginal cream
  • Intrarosa
  • Symptoms: Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Weight Gain, Depression, Mood Swings, Anxiety. Ear Ringing, lack of libido, vaginal dryness


Interview Summary

(00:01) Career and Personal Life Discussion With Joanne

Joanne’s impressive career from Dow Jones and CNBC to NBC News and the Today Show is discussed, as well as her current role as a leadership coach and working with Tamsen Fidal on a documentary about menopause. Joanne shares her experience of having her own medical clinic that specializes in women’s health, and her insights on why doctors are not better trained in women’s health topics. Jeanette and Rachel also chat with Joanne about Long Island and shopping at Roosevelt Field Mall in their childhoods, and Jeanette shares her experience with the Today Show Dad Makeover special.

(11:28) Leadership, Family, and Personal Growth

Joanne’s journey from childhood to adulthood was not easy, but she was able to overcome the obstacles of her upbringing to achieve her dreams. Taking a leadership course and living her truth enabled her to be promoted at work and get married. Her husband also took the same course, which helped to strengthen their relationship. Speaking up at work can help to advance in one’s career, and our experiences shape our daily lives.

(21:04) Menopause

We discuss the difficulty of making decisions and the different approaches we can take when making them, such as the George Costanza rule and the five second rule from Glennon Doyle. We also explore how aging can help us make better decisions, and how understanding the symptoms of menopause can help us better support the women in our lives.

(25:16) The Menopause Experience and Documentary

We explore how menopause affects women of all ages and how symptoms can manifest differently in women over 40. We discuss the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause, the stigma associated with it, and the importance of having support and resources. Joanne and Tamisin’s journey to create a documentary to raise awareness about menopause and their mission to help women navigate this complex and often misunderstood transition in life is also discussed.

(36:48) Non-Hormonal Options for Menopause Relief

We discuss treatments and remedies for menopausal symptoms, from prescription and non-prescription drugs to lifestyle changes. We explore the efficacy of GAVA pen for hot flashes and insomnia, as well as the potential benefits of estradiol cream. We also discuss the importance of talking to a doctor about all the different options and the possibility of going to a specialized women’s healthcare facility. Finally, we consider how symptoms can manifest differently in women over 40 and how to cope with them.


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