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Craig Dubitsky 


Craig Dubitsky recently achieved an astounding feat by selling his Hello Products LLC company to Colgate Palmolive for $351 million according to Time Inc. and he did it all while operating from the suburbs of New Jersey! Tune in to discover the inspiring journey of this innovator, entrepreneur, and designer who was born with an innate entrepreneurial spirit. Learn how his friendly and amiable approach to both life and business has played a pivotal role in his success!

[00:02:52] Cultivating optimism and happiness.
[00:04:39] Font for fear of not trying.
[00:08:23] Lip balm design inspiration.
[00:10:11] Everything communicates.
[00:13:23] Dorm room carpeting business.
[00:17:05] Conducting business in a suburb.
[00:23:24] Brands and their missions.
[00:29:02] Everyone told me no.
[00:30:19] Financial insecurity and personal growth.
[00:34:26] The cost of growing excessively.
[00:36:04] Emotional ownership.


Craig Dubitsky founded Hello Products LLC (acquired by Colgate Palmolive), co-founded eos lip balm, was a founding board member of Method, an Advisor to Seventh Generation, and Boots! Just a few of his past projects, with more coming!

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The Entrepreneurial Journey of Craig Dubitsky: From EOS Lip Balm to Hello Toothpaste

Introduction: In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating entrepreneurial journey of Craig Dubitsky, the mastermind behind popular brands like EOS lip balm and Hello toothpaste. From his early ventures as a young entrepreneur to his recent acquisition by Colgate, Dubitsky’s story is one of innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of making everyday products more thoughtful and enjoyable.

Childhood Influences: Nurturing Optimism and Creativity

  • Dubitsky’s upbringing in a family that valued optimism and creativity
  • The influence of his father’s happiness and his mother’s “try everything” attitude
  • How these early experiences shaped Dubitsky’s entrepreneurial spirit

From Lemonade Stands to College Ventures

  • Dubitsky’s early entrepreneurial endeavors, including a lemonade stand with a car wash and a student trucking business
  • The student carpeting business and the innovative approach to providing dorm room carpets
  • The food business that operated seven nights a week, serving college students

The Birth of EOS Lip Balm: Art and Innovation in Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Dubitsky’s passion for art and his belief that everything can be considered art
  • The inspiration behind the unique design of the EOS lip balm sphere
  • The importance of touch and aesthetics in creating a memorable consumer experience

Hello Toothpaste: Disrupting the Oral Care Industry

  • Dubitsky’s foray into the oral care industry with Hello toothpaste
  • Overcoming skepticism and pushback from industry experts
  • The success of Hello toothpaste in outselling established brands and capturing market share

The Power of Thoughtful Design in Everyday Products

  • Dubitsky’s commitment to creating everyday products that are beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly
  • Examples of his attention to detail, such as the unique barcode design and the sound of opening and closing the EOS lip balm sphere

Lessons Learned and Future Ventures

  • The importance of perseverance and believing in one’s vision
  • Dubitsky’s departure from Hello and his plans for future entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Teasing a new project that promises to be fun, well-designed, and innovative

Conclusion: Craig Dubitsky’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From his early ventures to the success of EOS lip balm and Hello toothpaste, Dubitsky has shown that with passion, determination, and a keen eye for design, everyday products can be transformed into extraordinary experiences. As we eagerly await his next venture, we can only imagine the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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