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Liz Vaccariello

Adventures of the Magazine World – An Insider’s Journey to the Top

Meet a magazine powerhouse! Liz Vaccariello, the Editor-in-Chief of Woman’s World and FIRST For Woman magazines. She is a transformative editorial leader. As a former SVP and Editor-in-Chief for iconic media brands like PEOPLE, REAL SIMPLE, PARENTS, and PREVENTION, our guest brings a wealth of experience in sculpting content, identifying opportunities, and leading teams. Enjoy meeting Liz Vaccariello!

Plus, a new buzzword waiting in the wings to be on the magazine cover: “Food Noise.”

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  • 🌟Magazine publishing career
  • 🌟Taking big career leaps
  • 🌟Becoming a Media Personality
  • 🌟Making career path decisions
  • 🌟Brand loyalty and nostalgia
  • 🌟Print magazine growth strategy
  • 🌟Newsstand headlines and behavior
  • 🌟Weight loss promises and credibility
  • 🌟HRT misconceptions
  •  Got to interview every rock band that came through Cleveland during Hair metal time, Lenny Kravitz, Nirvana, Poison, Bon Jovi $7/hour
  • Editor in Chief of Cleveland Magazine
  • Steve moves to NYC to continue photography career
  • Liz interviews in NYC and gets a position at Fitness Magazine, stays for 7 years
  • The thing about me is, “Whatever Job I’m in i think it’s the last job I’m ever going to do because i think it’s the best job ever and there so much room to grow and I’m heartbroken when it ends.”
  • Prevention Magazine, National Editor In Chief job, her Mother was very happy 🙂
  • Became a media personality, on TV Shows
  • You’re really lucky but if you are prepared when that luck comes, you’re ready.
  • B/c when she was at Fitness her boss was invited to do a 2 part series at the Today show, but she was having surgery so Liz went instead. (50 Health Mistakes even Smart women make”) with Katie Couric, so The View called to do the same then Oprah called also.
  • She loves the mix of the job descrip. for Editor in Chief
  • Working with producers in LA of Dr. Phil and The Doctors, development deal, before choosing Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine
  • Met with Executive coach and wrote down stream of consciousness what it would be like to do the TV show, and then what it would be like to be EIC of EDWRR
  • What makes me good on television is I’m really passionate about what I’m talking about
  • To be the creative force behind what I’m talking about and the Face Of. That mix is what I love.
  • EIC Reader’s Digest “Stories of lasting interest”
  • I’m at my best when I’m channeling something authentic.
  • a360
  • Unless it’s Taylor Swift, the #2 thing to get women to buy magazines is weight loss
  • Women’s World and FIRST for Women
  • Tabloid Newstand Sales were its biggest lever so those Headlines had to scream buy me. Once opened, inside it felt like a different magazine
  • She was part of downsizing many print magazines/staffs etc and didn’t want to join another print publication that would be shrinking, b/c it’s too disheartening
  • Accelerate a360
  • Company is doubling down on Print
  • American women continue to buy magazines at checkout
  • Both magazines are environments of positivity and optimism
  • Women’s World is a little more faith based
  • First for Women, random acts of kindness,
  • Yes we are growing, investing, buying more newstand racks
  • Add Advertisers w/ new credibility of covers that represent whats inside
  • Where’s the cast of party of 5 today?
  • Doing explainers on Ozempic, because their current readers are skeptical and want to learn more
  • In Real Time she is seeing the culture adapt and learn and change
  • Menopause, HRT – 2002 study and misconceptions.
  • Traditionally people turned to magazines to curate new and topics for them
  • Like with new Moms, Overwhelming amount of information and at Parents, I was like, Mom, You’re Doing Great.
  • In WW and FFW, we present the science and often highlight one women’s journey and say what worked and didn’t work for her. But she is only one person, and it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.
  • A top Neurologist said on a podcast that the most gravest injustice the media has done was the 2002 study saying that HRT caused an increase in breast cancer and heart attacks. The study was flawed, but patients were afraid, and doctor’s stop prescribing
  • Lost in Jersey Magazine? It would need to be delivered with coffee
  • New Jersey is the Best State in the United States of America
  • More horses per capita than even Kentucky! WHAT!
  • South Orange Maplewood area, rich with creative people
  • 21 mins from Newark to go anywhere in the world
  • Open the cover, actually, it’s good content!
  • “When I opened it up, it was really good”

Summary of Exploring Magazine Publishing: A Conversation with Liz Vaccariello


    • Delving into a recent podcast episode featuring Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Women’s World and FIRST for Women magazines.
    • Exploring Liz’s career journey and insights into magazine publishing.

Meeting Liz Vaccariello

    • Personal connection with Liz through the hosts’ children’s school.
    • Highlighting Liz’s impressive career trajectory from Cleveland to editor-in-chief of two women’s magazines.

From Cleveland to New York

    • Liz’s transition from local to national publications.
    • Reflecting on challenges and opportunities faced along the way.

Embracing Challenges in Magazine Publishing

    • Liz’s experiences in leading publications like Prevention Magazine.
    • Longevity of Liz’s career amidst industry changes.

Navigating Content and Audience Engagement

    • Content strategies employed by Liz, including engaging storytelling and reader-centric approaches.
    • Importance of credibility in content curation.

Addressing Health and Wellness Topics

    • Balancing informative content with responsible messaging, particularly in health-related topics.
    • Emphasis on authenticity and credibility.

Looking Ahead: Magazine Publishing in a Digital Age

    • Adapting to digital platforms while maintaining essence of print publications.
    • Challenges and opportunities in reaching diverse audiences.


    • Appreciation for conversation with Liz Vaccariello and insights into magazine publishing.
    • Invitation to explore Women’s World and FIRST for Women magazines.
    • Promise of more exciting content and conversations in media and publishing.

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