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Liz George

Montclair Local News, Publisher

Liz George has successfully led Montclair, New Jersey’s beloved and longstanding news blog Baristanet. And now there’s an exciting new chapter as Baristanet, the renowned news outlet, has merged with Montclair Local, and Liz assumes the role of Publisher, overseeing this dynamic union. With her at the helm, the future of local news promises to be even more compelling. Tune in for a behind-the-scenes conversation on this exciting transformation and to discover more about Liz’s remarkable journey and her plans for Local News, a non-profit news agency!


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Launch Party Event/Fundraiser
September 21, 2023, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM, at Porta Montclair
Tickets: Montclair Local “A Night Out for News”

Montclair Local News is a non-profit, supported through grants, fundraising donations, and advertising.


The Evolution of Baristanet: A Pioneer in Hyperlocal News

We will explore the fascinating journey of Baristanet, one of the first and longest-running hyperlocal news sites in the country. From its humble beginnings to its recent merger with Montclair Local, we will delve into the vision, success, and challenges faced by this influential news outlet.

New York City to Montclair: The Birth of Baristanet

Liz George, the co-owner and later sole owner of Baristanet, shares her story of moving from Forest Hills, Queens to Montclair, seeking a community with a mix of urban and suburban elements.  The decision to join Baristanet and the early days of the website. The disruptive nature of Baristanet, providing real-time news while traditional newspapers held stories for print publication.

The Rise of Baristanet: A Leader in Hyperlocal News

  • Baristanet’s rapid growth and becoming a leader in the hyperlocal news field.
  • The importance of cultivating an audience and the role of ads in indicating success.
  • The brand recognition and reputation that Baristanet developed over the years.

The Merger with Montclair Local: A New Chapter Begins

  • The recent merger between Baristanet and Montclair Local, creating a stronger and more sustainable news outlet.
  • The transition from a for-profit model to a nonprofit model, emphasizing the importance of community support and donations.
  • The role of the impressive board members, including renowned journalists, in shaping the future of Montclair Local.

The Launch Party and Fundraising Event

  • Details about the upcoming launch party on September 21st at Porta in Montclair.
  • Special guest CNN’s Zane Asher and the opportunity to support local news in Montclair.
  • The significance of fundraising events and community involvement in sustaining local news organizations.

Conclusion: The evolution of Baristanet from a pioneering hyperlocal news site to its merger with Montclair Local showcases the importance of independent journalism and community support. As readers, we have the power to contribute to the sustainability of local news outlets and ensure that our communities are well-informed. Let’s come together and celebrate the legacy of Baristanet while embracing the future of Montclair Local.


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