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Meet the incredibly talented, Mo Riza, an Indonesian-born creative director, multi-disciplinary painter, designer, and photographer. Anyone who has known Mo Riza has used the words genius to describe something he has done. It’s an honor to have him join us on our show and share his journey to New Jersey and his background in the arts.

Prepare to be inspired as we unravel the layers of Mo Riza’s extraordinary world, where creativity knows no bounds.



You can follow Mo’s work on Instagram at:

Art > @modomatic
Draw > @mododrawing
Digi >
Sculpt > @modomatter



The podcast episode features an interview with Mo Riza, a creative individual with a diverse range of talents and experiences. Co-host Janette introduces Mo as a friend and former boss at WNET New York’s PBS station, and highlighting his journey from Indonesia to New Jersey and his various creative pursuits.

Background and Journey

Mo shares his story of coming to New Jersey to study English and eventually pursuing a degree in computer graphics at Monmouth University. He discusses his artistic influences, including a neighbor who inspired his drawing skills from a young age.

Diverse Creative Pursuits

The conversation delves into Mo’s versatility in different artistic mediums, from digital art to street photography and sculpting. Mo explains his approach to learning new technologies and mediums, emphasizing the importance of continuous curiosity and exploration.

Teaching and Mentorship

Mo’s passion for teaching and mentorship is highlighted, with a focus on the importance of educators and the positive impact of passing on knowledge. He shares insights into the reciprocal nature of teaching and learning, as well as the energy he derives from interacting with students.

Mo’s Artistic Process and Future Plans

The discussion touches on Mo’s unique artistic process, including his current focus on sculpting and the integration of traditional and modern techniques. Mo shares his 10-year plan to become a sustainable artist and his approach to incorporating different tools and mediums into his work.

Community and Recommendations

Mo discusses the vibrant artistic community in Leonia, New Jersey, and the upcoming live drawing event he will be participating in. He also mentions the artistic scene in Asbury Park and the unique fact about Leonia having the largest population of oboe players in the country.


The interview with Mo Riza provides a fascinating glimpse into the life and creative journey of a multi-talented individual with a deep passion for art and teaching.


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