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Anthony Frasier

CEO of Awarding-Winning Family & Kids Podcasting Network

“I had to get out of my own way.”

Tech Entrepreneur Anthony Frasier’s road to awards for the best podcasts in kids and family programming didn’t happen overnight. He started his impressive journey to podcast superstardom over a decade ago. And developed a mindset of success along the way.

He shares his success story, the challenges and insights on entrepreneurship, with tips on creating podcasts, and his formula for creating the best kids podcasts.

His podcasts are among the biggest names in media with Webby Awards, and the pinnacle of podcast awards with a 2022 and 2024 Ambie Award nomination for Best Podcast for Kids.

Also available on YouTube.

Discussing the hurdles faced by young black creators, Anthony opens up about the personal and professional growth it takes to tackle the biases within venture capital circles. Anthony’s narrative doesn’t just inspire—it arms listeners with the mindset needed to turn barriers into stepping stones toward success.


Anthony Frasier: A Podcast Superstar


The podcast episode features an interview with Anthony Frasier, a successful podcaster and entrepreneur. We highlight Anthony’s success in the podcasting industry, particularly focusing on his work in creating African American multicultural content for children.

We highlight Anthony’s success in the podcasting industry, particularly focusing on his work in creating African American multicultural content for children.

Anthony Frasier’s Background

Anthony shares his journey into the tech industry, starting with a video game website that led to an internship and eventually launching his own tech startup. He talks about his experience in a tech accelerator in Silicon Valley and how it shaped his career path.

Anthony Frasier founded the successful ABF Creative, a renowned multicultural podcast network, and production company, they’ve been recognized from the industry’s top organizations, including the 2021 Webby Awards and 2022 Ambies Award nominees. Their diverse portfolio of clients, including Ben & Jerry’s, Vox, Wondery, Audible, Prudential Financial, Essence Magazine, BET, and Pinna, attests to our expertise in turning listeners into loyal brand advocates.

Mindset and Entrepreneurship

Anthony emphasizes the importance of mindset in entrepreneurship, discussing the need for a purpose beyond just making money. He shares his personal mission of wanting to help his family, particularly his mother, which drives his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Podcast Projects

The transcript delves into three of Anthony’s podcast projects:
1. African Folk Tales: Anthony discusses the success of this podcast, which recreates traditional African stories in a modern and engaging format.
2. Five-Minute Mysteries: The host praises the charm and positivity of this podcast, highlighting its impact on young listeners.
3. Charm Words: Anthony explains the concept behind this podcast, which focuses on positive affirmations and mindset for children.

Innovative Projects

Anthony introduces a new project called Minipods, which replaces school bells with short podcasts. He discusses the strategic partnerships and compliance measures involved in creating educational content for students.

Sponsorship and Financial Literacy

The conversation touches on the potential for sponsors to contribute financial literacy resources to the podcasts, enhancing the educational value for young listeners.

Future Podcast Ideas

The host suggests two podcast ideas related to money literacy and entrepreneurial tips for children, which Anthony agrees could be successful based on the quality of content produced by his company.


Thank you to Anthony for sharing his insights and experiences in the podcasting industry. The hosts encourage listeners to check out Anthony’s podcasts and provide feedback on the episode.


[00:01:08] Multicultural content for kids.

[00:08:20] Pitching under pressure.

[00:12:04] A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide

[00:14:31] Overcoming obstacles in entrepreneurship.

[00:21:31] Purpose beyond money.

[00:24:08] Multicultural Podcast Definition

[00:30:52] Long YouTube videos for kids.

[00:32:24] Creating a podcast utility.

[00:38:43] Money literacy and entrepreneurial tips.

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