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Susan Shin Andersen

2024 Montclair Councilor At Large Candidate

Coming soon, tune in to meet Susan Shin Andersen, a candidate running for Montclair Township Councilor At Large Join us as we explore her reasons for seeking the position, right alongside you.

Lost in Jersey’s Montclair election special 2024 features an insightful interview with Susan Shin Andersen, one of the three candidates running for Councilor At Large. Susan shares her background from growing up in Pennsylvania to law school in New Jersey, highlighting her passion for public service and community involvement.

She discusses her priorities if elected, including strategic planning, transparent development, and a comprehensive HR review.

Susan also opens up about her personal experiences, from leading initiatives during COVID to navigating grief after the loss of her daughter, Kaija. This emotional and inspiring episode showcases Susan’s dedication to making a positive impact on her community and beyond.

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In this episode, we delve into the insightful conversation with Susan Shin Andersen, a candidate running for Councilor At Large in Montclair. The podcast episode provided a glimpse into Susan’s background, values, and motivations for running for office.

Early Life and Journey to New Jersey

Susan Shin Andersen grew up in Pennsylvania, near the New Jersey border. Her connection to New Jersey deepened when she attended law school at Rutgers Newark. After living in the city and Brooklyn, Susan and her family decided to move to New Jersey for a better quality of life.

Professional Background and Qualifications

Susan’s professional journey has equipped her with valuable skills for public service. From negotiating contracts to policy development, Susan’s experience has prepared her for the role of Councilor At Large.

Inspiration to Run for Office

Despite not initially considering a career in politics, Susan was encouraged by others to run for office due to her thoughtful and fair-minded approach. Her passion for public service and commitment to the community ultimately inspired her to enter the political arena.

Day One Priorities

If elected, Susan’s priorities include fostering consensus among council members, hiring a competent town manager, and ensuring transparent and strategic budget allocations.

Views on Development and Budget Allocation

Susan emphasizes the importance of smart development planning and transparent budget allocation. She advocates for a comprehensive HR review to optimize personnel resources and align them with the town’s current needs.

Personal Achievements and Values

Susan reflects on her involvement in community initiatives, such as Tony’s Kitchen and AAPI New Jersey, as well as her resilience in navigating personal challenges, including the loss of her daughter. Her values of positivity, service, and resilience shine through in her actions.


Susan Shin Andersen’s journey and values exemplify a commitment to community service and thoughtful leadership. Her candidacy for Councilor At Large in Montclair reflects a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the town’s future.

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About Election Interviews

Lost in Jersey Podcast is hosting Election 2024 Interviews in collaboration with Montclair Local News. We have no affiliations with any political party and do not endorse candidates. The goal of these interviews is to provide constituents with an opportunity to get acquainted with the candidates in podcast format. We are extending invitations to all candidates running for Mayor and Councilor At Large positions. Council Members seeking re-election will be interviewed if scheduling permits and if we find a suitable format to accommodate the 10 council member candidates running. The election is scheduled for May 14, 2024.

Candidates Invited as of April 6, 2024
Mayorial: Dr. Renee BaskervilleChristina- M. Thomas Esq.
At Large: Carmel LoughmanBob Russo, Susan Shin Andersen
Wards 1,2,3,4: Schedule permitting
You can learn more about the election, issues, and candidates at Montclair Local New – Election 2024

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