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Wendy Lacey

Embracing Inclusion: The Cornerstone Philosophy

Meet Wendy Lacey, the business owner of Cornerstone Montclair and Montclair General Store. Wendy shares her journey from working in investment banking to becoming an entrepreneur and creating a space that promotes community inclusion for people of all abilities. In this interview, she discusses the importance of employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and how her businesses are working towards changing perspectives and fostering a sense of belonging in the community.

Furthermore, Wendy Lacey also touches on the power of networking and getting involved in organizations that align with your values. Tune in to learn more about Wendy’s inspiring mission and the impact she is making in Montclair.

Wendy moved to Montclair, New Jersey by way of Boston, DC, NYC. Learn why she moved to here and her unexpected journey to becoming a successful inclusive entrepreneur.


00:00:14 Personality tests can be revealing.
00:07:30 Understanding different strengths and challenges.
00:11:24 Moving to Montclair was transformative.
00:19:36 Creating community inclusion through entrepreneurship.
00:21:39 Inclusion can happen organically.
00:27:29 Embrace inclusion and diverse abilities.
00:35:37 Public school offers independence and empowerment.
00:36:53 Community and public schools matter.
00:42:08 Rediscovering passions and connecting with others.

Wendy Lacey Entrepreneur, Owner Cornerstone Montclair

Introduction: In this blog post, we will explore the inspiring story of Wendy Lacey, the business owner of Cornerstone Montclair and Montclair General Store. Wendy’s journey from a career in finance to running a successful business with a mission of community inclusion is truly remarkable. We will delve into the philosophy behind Cornerstone and how Wendy’s personal experiences shaped her vision for creating a space that welcomes people of all abilities.

From Boston to Montclair: A Journey of Discovery

  • Wendy’s upbringing in Boston and her move to Montclair
  • The impact of sidewalks and community atmosphere
  • The motivation behind creating a space for community inclusion

The Birth of Cornerstone Montclair

  • Wendy’s daughter with Down syndrome and the need for employment opportunities
  • The acquisition of the building on Bellevue and Northview
  • The concept of mission partners and the diverse businesses within Cornerstone

The Montclair General Store: A Catalyst for Inclusion

  • The decision to open a store in the Cornerstone building
  • The importance of location and accessibility
  • Creating a space where people of all abilities can work and interact

Changing Perspectives and Fostering Inclusion

  • The impact of Cornerstone on the Montclair community
  • Stories of employees with disabilities and their contributions
  • The organic growth of inclusivity within the community

Wendy’s Involvement in Boards and Organizations

  • Wendy’s journey of joining boards and organizations
  • The importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals
  • The power of collective action in creating positive change

Conclusion: Wendy Lacey’s journey from a career in finance to becoming a champion of community inclusion is an inspiration to us all. Through Cornerstone Montclair and the Montclair General Store, Wendy has created a space where people of all abilities can work, interact, and thrive. Her commitment to changing perspectives and fostering inclusivity serves as a reminder that we all have the power to make a difference in our communities. Let us embrace the Cornerstone philosophy and work towards a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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