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Happy 2024 People! We are back and readying to bring you more exciting conversations with people around the great state of New Jersey!

This episode is with a lovely father-daughter duo Jill and George Ruthauser, the creators of the podcast Talks To-Go.

We chat about George’s life trajectory as a voiceover artist to NJ Jackals Public Address Announcer to working with (or is it for) his daughter on Talks To-Go. Rachel learns the difference between being a Public Address Announcer versus a Play-by-Play Announcer.

Jill and George discuss their relationship, their goals for the next year of their podcast, and a few of their New Jersey favorite places. Enjoy!

  • 00:01:03 – Jill’s start in podcasting at Ithaca College
  • 00:04:21 – Transition to the current podcast, Talks To Go
  • 00:08:26 – The idea of interviewing father-daughter duos
  • 00:10:28 – Fostering open communication in their relationship
  • 00:12:49 – George’s experience as a public address announcer for the Jackals
  • 00:19:36 – The Jason and Travis alter ego show
  • 00:21:04 – Future plans for the podcast
  • 00:24:28 – Discussing the importance of their podcast conversations
  • 00:25:41 – Shoutouts to New Jersey favorites: Rutt’s Hut and Brick and Dough

Shout Outs
New Jersey Jackals
Rutt’s Hut Hotdogs
Johnny and Hanges in Fairlawn
Brick & Dough Pizza

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Podcast Episode Summary: “Talks To Go” with Jill and George


The hosts, Rachel and Jeanette, welcome Jill and George, a father-daughter duo who have been doing a podcast together called “Talks To Go.” They discuss their podcast, their background in podcasting, and their unique approach of interviewing other father-daughter duos.

Jill’s Start in Podcasting

Jill shares that she got her start in podcasting while she was a senior in college at Ithaca College. She and a friend started a podcast called “The Bachelor Degree,” where they recapped episodes of the popular TV show “The Bachelor.” They were able to interview various contestants from the show, which sparked their interest in podcasting.

Transition to “Talks To Go”

After her friend left, Jill continued podcasting with her dad, George. They decided to shift their focus to interviewing other father-daughter duos and exploring their own relationship. They discuss the unique appeal of their podcast and the heartwarming feedback they have received from guests who appreciate the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with their daughters.

Communication and Bonding

George emphasizes the importance of trust in their relationship and how it has fostered open communication between him and Jill. They also bond over their shared love of sports, particularly baseball. Jill mentions that their mutual love for sports sets their relationship apart from her relationship with her mom.

Previous Podcast Experience

George reveals that he had no prior experience as a public address announcer before becoming one for the Montclair State University baseball team. He shares the story of how he landed the job and his 11-year tenure as the announcer. Jill expresses her admiration for her dad’s voice and the challenges of balancing their audio levels during podcast recordings.

Alter Ego Show

Jill and George discuss their Halloween episode where they dressed up as Jason and Travis Kelsey, a popular brother duo. They had fun with the costumes and enjoyed the different dynamic it brought to their podcast.

Future Plans

As they approach their first anniversary, Jill and George share their plans for the future of their podcast. They mention their intention to broaden their interviews to include daughters whose fathers have passed away, allowing them to share their memories and celebrate their relationships. They also hint at potential interviews with A-list celebrities.

Shoutouts to New Jersey

Rachel and Jeanette ask Jill and George to share their favorite spots in New Jersey. Jill predicts that George will mention Rutt’s Hut, a famous hot dog spot, while George predicts that Jill will mention Brick and Dough, a pizza place in Montclair. They both confirm their predictions and share their personal connections to these establishments.


Rachel and Jeanette thank Jill and George for joining the podcast and express their excitement to listen to “Talks To Go.” They encourage listeners to check out their podcast and share their thoughts. The episode ends with a friendly goodbye.


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