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Welcome to our first Picks & Skips episode of Lost in Jersey. In additon to introducing you to cool people hanging out just out of NYC. We’ll be sharing with you once a month our current picks best books and best shows! From animated series to murder mysteries, what’s on our bed stand and on our Netflix list! 

Read below to see a few new entries not mentioned in podcast.

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2024 Best TV Show Recommendations


Rachel recommended a German show on Netflix called Kleo. This unique show follows a female German assassin before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It offers a mix of humor, murder mystery, and a glimpse into the contrast between East and West Berlin. INTERNATIONAL PICK! 

Fargo Season Five

Fargo Season Five was another standout recommendation. The hosts praised the acting, particularly highlighting Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Lee. The show tackles deep topics creatively while maintaining a touch of humor. MUST WATCH PICK!

Bob’s Burgers

For a lighthearted option, Janette suggested Bob’s Burgers. She highlighted a stellar episode titled “The Plight Before Christmas” that unexpectedly tugged at their heartstrings.  PICK!

UnXplained Season 4 on Netflix Specifically

William Shatner is 92 years old and is so good as the announcer and the espisodes are creepy good! OFF BEAT NUTTY PICK!

The New Look (New Entry) 

Just watched The New Look on Apple TV. About Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. The name of the show and description avoid saying it’s about Germany’s occupation of France and how Coco and Dior navigated that time. It’s a decent short watch. SHORT SERIES PICK 

True Detective: Night Country   (New Entry)

So watch it to see the great acting but skip through it to get the the end and be sure to google “what the hell is going on in true dective” because it is like um, well it’s crazy. WATCH SOME PICK

Constellation on Apple (New Entry)

Worth the watch but with some fast-forwarding involved. WATCH WITH FAST FORWARD and refreshing Apple TV pause glitch. At first I thought it was a creative choice but realized later it was a streaming problem.


 FEUD: Capote Vs. The Swans (New Entry)

Watch a couple of episodes to get the basic idea but it’s hard to stick with it. SKIP but also watch to see why!




2024 Best Book Recommendations

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store by James McBride

Rachel recommended this bestseller, praising its exploration of racial and class divides in America. The book delves into how communities are impacted by differences and the complexities of human relationships. READ!

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

Despite initial reservations about a book centered on video games, the hosts found themselves engrossed in Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. The novel offers a compelling narrative that defied their expectations. READ!

The Lives We Have by Kat Bowler and Jessica Richie

Recommending any Kat Bowler and this 100 Blessings for Impert Days READ!

The Immense World by Ed Young

The Immense World by Ed Young, a Pulitzer Prize winner, captivated the hosts with its exploration of animal senses and the vastness of the natural world. The book sheds light on the sensory experiences of various creatures, offering a new perspective on our environment. READ!


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Our Picks & Skips – Best Shows, Movies, Books, and Podcast

Our Picks & Skips – Best Shows, Movies, Books, and Podcast

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