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Maria Afsharian

VIP Guest – Cohost’s Sister

From Tehran to Texas and Beyond!

In this Lost in Jersey VIP Guest episode hear the fascinating story of Maria Afsharian! An award-winning journalist whose life took an unexpected turn when she had to return to her father’s homeland, Iran. From her roots in Tehran to her current role as a big-hearted realtor for Christie’s in New Jersey, Maria’s story is one of resilience, purpose, and unwavering dedication to helping others succeed. Join us as we delve into her impactful trip to Iran, her passion for aiding children, and her thriving career in journalism and real estate. Plus, discover the special bond she shares with her cohost, Janette Afsharian, who happens to be her sister!  Also available on YouTube.

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New Best Jersey Persian Restaurants Episode Shoutouts from Maria:
Zaffron Bloom with Chef Shahin in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Kebab on the Cliff in  Rutherford, NJ
Gandom Bakery in Patterson, NJ for Persian 

Lost in Jersey Interview with Maria Afsharian Summary


  • The podcast episode features a VIP guest, Maria Afsharian, who is the sister of cohost Janette Afsharian
  • Maria is a journalist and consumer advocate who worked for Dateline NBC.
  • The episode delves into Maria’s journey back to her home country, Iran, and her transition to working in real estate in New Jersey.

Early Life and Career

  • Maria and the host grew up together, living in various places due to their parents’ divorce and international moves.
  • Maria pursued a career in journalism, starting at USA Today and then moving to Dateline NBC’s consumer unit in DC.
  • She was inspired by the power of media after watching the movie “Dead Man Walking.”

Return to Iran

  • Maria’s journey back to Iran was prompted by her father’s passing and the need to fulfill his wish to return home.
  • She engaged in charitable work in Iran, focusing on improving conditions for children with cancer.

Transition to Real Estate

  • After returning to New Jersey, Maria transitioned to real estate, leveraging her family’s background in the industry.
  • She works as a broker affiliated with Christie’s, focusing on helping clients with aging in place and downsizing.

Real Estate Market in New Jersey

  • Maria discusses the real estate market in Northern New Jersey, highlighting the demand for housing and the impact of interest rates.
  • She mentions the introduction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Montclair and the importance of aging in place services.


  • Maria gives shoutouts to Persian restaurants in Northern New Jersey, including Saffron Bloom, Kebab on the Clift, and Gandam Bakery.


  • The episode concludes with a discussion about the host’s work ethic and the bond between the sisters.
  • Maria expresses gratitude for being part of a group of strong women and emphasizes the importance of showing up and making mistakes along the way.

Podcast Details

  • Produced by Rachel Martens and Janette Afsharian.
  • Listeners are encouraged to follow the podcast on social media and share it with friends and family.
  • Website:


  • The episode ends with a message to “get lost,” encouraging listeners to explore more episodes of the podcast.

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Thank you to my sister for coming on Lost in Jersey and sharing her story!

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