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Attention, film fans! The Montclair Film Festival (Oct 20-29, 2023) is right around the corner, and we’ve got the inside track for you. Tune in to learn about what’s on the schedule and the behind-the-scenes effort it takes to make a film festival successful.

Join us for a chat with Tom Hall, the festival’s co-head and artistic director, who gives us his take on this year’s exciting featured films, shares his film festival background, and discusses his involvement with the Montclair Film Festival. Don’t miss out on this informative and entertaining conversation!


🎬 The Montclair Film Festival.
🏗️ Building the Montclair Film Festival.
🎭 The relationship with the Claridge Theater.
🎭 Improv classes and Rachel’s trauma.
📽️ Film festival lineup and challenges.
🌟 Emerging talents in filmmaking.
📽️ Scorsese films and childhood impact.
🏆 Breakthrough Director and Performer Awards.
🎥 Sensory-friendly screening and film club.
🎥 Important cultural films.
🤔 The meaning of life.
🌐 Film festivals and accessibility.


  • October 20-29th, 2023
  • Montclair, NJ (13 miles, outside NYC)


  • Oct 20 – Dream Scenario
  • Oct 21 – May December
  • Oct 21 – American Symphony
  • Oct 21 – All Dirt Roads Taste Of Salt
  • Oct 22 – The Holdovers
  • Oct 22 – Stamped From The Beginning
  • Oct 22 – Breaking The News
  • Oct 22 & 28 – Robot Dreams
  • Oct 29 – Eileen
  • Oct 29 – The Zone Of Interest
  • Tickets Available Now!

Tribute To Martin Scorsese, Hosted by Stephen Colbert
Friday, October 27, 8:00pm  Tickets

The Apartment
Au Hasard Balthazar
Andrei Rublev

Montclair Film Festival: A Celebration of Movies and Community

Introduction: The Montclair Film Festival is an annual event that brings together movie lovers and filmmakers in the vibrant town of Montclair. In this blog post, we will explore the highlights of the festival and delve into the fascinating background of Tom Hall, the executive director of the Montclair Film Festival.

The Montclair Film Festival: A Cinematic Delight

  • Dates and significance of the festival
  • The festival’s mission to celebrate and promote the art of filmmaking
  • The importance of community support for the festival’s success

Tom Hall: A Journey to Film Festivals

  • Tom Hall’s background and his unexpected path to film festivals
  • His work at the Department of Education and transition to the independent film industry
  • The role of chance encounters and connections in shaping his career

The Montclair Film Festival and the Community

  • The festival’s close ties to the Montclair community
  • The abundance of venues and dining options in Montclair that enhance the festival experience
  • The festival’s commitment to fostering a sense of community through film screenings and events

The Claridge Theater: A New Chapter

  • The acquisition and renovation of the Claridge Theater by the Montclair Film Festival
  • The importance of preserving and operating a local cinema
  • The benefits of membership and community support for the theater’s sustainability

The Festival Lineup: A Cinematic Feast

  • Opening night film “Dream Scenario” and its unique storyline
  • Notable films and Q&A sessions with directors and actors
  • The significance of breakthrough awards for emerging talent in the film industry

Special Events: A Conversation with Scorsese and Colbert

  • The highly anticipated fundraising event featuring Martin Scorsese and Stephen Colbert
  • The opportunity to witness a candid conversation between two influential figures in the film industry

Sensory-Friendly Screening: Inclusivity for All

  • The importance of sensory-friendly screenings for individuals with sensory sensitivities
  • The film “Robot Dreams” and its suitability for a sensory-friendly experience
  • Creating a safe and accepting space for all moviegoers

Conclusion: The Montclair Film Festival is not just a celebration of movies, but also a testament to the power of community and the transformative nature of cinema. With its diverse lineup, special events, and commitment to inclusivity, the festival continues to captivate audiences and foster a love for film in the Montclair community and beyond.


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