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Earth Month Special!

Dine and Decide: Montclair’s Best Plant-Based Dish Competition

Discover how the best restaurants in Montclair, NJ are serving up unique incredible award-winning dishes in April for year two of Plant Based for the Planet. A wonderful program that started last year and was a big hit! Tune in now!

We’re taking Earth Month by storm with an insightful chat with Annette Batson, exploring the plant-based movement that’s gaining ground in Montclair’s local dining scene. Throughout April, our “Plant-Based for The Planet” initiative introduces you to Montclair’s culinary gems dishing out eco-friendly eats.

This episode highlights the importance of plant-based eating for Earth Month, emphasizing that small changes like choosing plant-based meals can make a big impact on the environment. Find Montclair’s participating restaurants as they compete for the most ordered dish! Participating restaurants include Basil, Cafe Mosso, De Novo, Faubourg, Marcel, Mercado, Porta, Samba, Tinga,  Tino’s, worldFlats, and Zeugma.

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The podcast episode discusses the “Plant Based for the Planet” initiative, which promotes plant-based eating for environmental and animal welfare benefits. The hosts introduce Earth Month and the importance of incorporating plant-based meals into one’s diet.

Interview with Annette Batson

  • Annette Batson, the founder of Humane Montclair, shares her background and journey from California to New Jersey.

  • She discusses her passion for animal welfare and the formation of Humane Montclair to advocate for animals.

  • Annette talks about the success of the “Plant Based for the Planet” initiative in Montclair, highlighting the positive impact on the environment and the community.

Impact of Plant-Based Eating

  • Annette emphasizes the significance of reducing animal consumption to lower carbon footprint, water usage, and land use.

  • The initiative resulted in substantial reductions in greenhouse gases, water usage, and land use, showcasing the tangible benefits of plant-based eating.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Annette invites listeners to volunteer with Humane Montclair, detailing various events and activities where volunteers can participate.

  • Events include tabling at local breweries, participating in Pride Fest, and organizing fur drives to support wildlife rehabilitators.

Advocacy for Policy Change

  • Annette discusses the upcoming Farm Bill and the importance of shifting subsidies towards plant-based agriculture to promote healthier and more sustainable food production.

  • She highlights the need for collective action to influence policy changes that benefit public health, the environment, and animal welfare.


  • The hosts express gratitude for Annette’s efforts and the impact of the initiative in Montclair.

  • Annette encourages listeners to take action in their communities and emphasizes the scalability of initiatives like “Plant Based for the Planet.”

Overall, the episode showcases the power of community-driven initiatives like “Plant Based for the Planet” in promoting sustainable and compassionate living practices.


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