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Jorge Aguirre

Animated Series Writer and Graphic Novelist –

“Every time I step outside of my comfort zone, I get rewarded.” That is just one of the great takeaways we got from speaking with talented writer Jorge Aguirre! Tune in to our latest episode to learn how Jorge went from law to writing for popular kids’ shows for PBS, Nick Jr., Netflix, Amazon, Fred Rogers Productions, and Disney Junior. Plus authoring celebrated graphic novels all kids love!

And he has a new book coming out called “Call Me Iggy” for young adults and it’s already getting rave reviews. Time to pre-order that one! And there’s more…

  • “Everything happens when you’re outside, not inside.”

Tune it in for a wonderful career journey with some tips covering:

🌟 Wrong Epiphanies and Career Choices
🌟 Filming Mishap with James Cameron
🌟 Discovering a Passion for Writing
🌟 Pursuing a Career in the Arts
🌟 Turning an Idea into a Graphic Novel
🌟 Pitching and Creating TV Shows
🌟 Networking and Building Relationships
🌟 Monster Locker, A Kid’s Adventure
🌟 Fascinating Stories and Intriguing People

About Jorge Aguirre:
Jorge Aguirre is the the writer of the graphic novel series, The Chronicles of Claudette, and the co-creator of the Disney Jr. show, Goldie and Bear. He has also worked on shows such as Martha Speaks, Dora the Explorer, Hanny Manny, and Alma’s Way.

Explore Further:

Preorder NEW BOOK  ‘Call Me Iggy’  Graphic fiction.  For 13-18
Ignacio “Iggy” Garcia is an Ohio-born Colombian-American teen living his best life.

A pitch-perfect example of teenage explorations of cultural identity.” – Kirkus Reviews

The New York Latino Film Festival
The National Association of Independent Latino Producers 

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone: A Journey into Writing and Creating

Introduction: Jorge Aguirre, an accomplished writer and creator of popular children’s books and animated series. Join us as we delve into his journey, from his early aspirations as a writer to his success in the industry.

Section 1: A Circuitous Journey 

– Jorge’s background growing up in Ohio and his early passion for writing.
– The influence of his father and road trips on his love for storytelling.
– The wrong epiphanies and detours, from considering law school to working in production.

Section 2: Networking and Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

-The importance of networking and making connections in the industry.
– Attending conferences and organizations like NALIP to meet like-minded individuals.
– The power of stepping outside one’s comfort zone and taking risks.

Section 3: The Path to Success 

– Jorge’s first official job as a writer and the breakthrough moment at Comic-Con.
– The process of pitching and getting published, including the creation of graphic novels.
– The significance of building relationships and expanding one’s network.

Section 4: Celebrating Latino Themes and Strong Characters

-The representation of Latino themes in Jorge’s work, including Goldie and Bear and the Chronicles of Claudette series.
– The empowering and relatable female characters in his stories.
– The upcoming release of Call Me Iggy and Monster Locker, both exploring identity and adventure.

Section 5: Embracing New Jersey 

– Jorge’s initial hesitation about moving to New Jersey and his change of heart.
– Funny anecdotes about adjusting to the winter weather and navigating the DMV.
– Finding a sense of community and appreciating the diverse opportunities the state offers.

Conclusion: Jorge Aguirre’s podcast episode serves as an inspiring reminder to step outside our comfort zones, embrace networking, and pursue our passions. His journey showcases the power of perseverance and the importance of creating diverse and empowering stories. We look forward to his upcoming releases and the impact they will have on readers and viewers alike.


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