Montclair Election Day is May 14, 2024

Before you go to the ballot box to vote tune in to our interviews with the candidates to get to know their backstory and why they are running for local office.

In collaboration with Montclair Local News, Lost in Jersey podcast interviewed the candidates for Mayor and Council At Large of Montclair, NJ. These 5 candidates will be on all ballots and are elected to represent all districts.

Montclair elects 7 members to its council. A Mayor and 2 Councilor At Large. Then each of the 4 wards (Montclair districts) elects one councilor for their ward. To learn more about your ward candidates visit Montclair Local News.


Renee Baskerville, Running for Mayor

Chrissy Thomas, Running For Mayor


Carmel Loughman

Susan Shin Andersen

Lost in Jersey Podcast hosted Election 2024 Interviews in collaboration with Montclair Local News. We have no affiliations with any political party and do not endorse candidates. The goal of these interviews is to provide constituents with an opportunity to get acquainted with the candidates in podcast format. You can learn more about the election, issues, and candidates at Montclair Local New – Election 2024

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