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Self-Help: What Really Works?”

Is 2024 going to be your best year? Or just a year?

What helps you get through the day? Our latest episode is a freewheeling conversation about wellness, self-help as in “helping ourselves”, and the importance of not being an…“Ask・hole” someone who asks for advice but does the opposite. Something we’ve all been.

Joking aside, this episode is based on the never-ending challenge we have of dealing with the valleys of life. And for some dealing with depression.

In this episode, Rachel talks about having good experiences with an “energy-repatterning” person, and many of the suggestions by Janette are connected to a post she made back in 2022 on how she worked her way out of a depression that took hold of her for several years. The post can be seen below. The conversation in this episode touches on some of the items she mentioned way back in 2022 and still works today.

How I Got Out of My Depression Post

Text from 2022 Facebook post by Janette

Today for a lack of a better term I “graduated” from therapy. That is, my therapist and I both agreed we’d talked me out of my depression. Four years ago, I was super duper down, I had just lost a close friend, and work was sucking, I didn’t know it but there was still a ton of hidden grief from my parents’ passing, and childhood stuff, basically I was very very blue. Midlife crisis meets depression type of thing.

  • I found a psychologist and got to work.
  • I started working out. This was seriously 50% of the solution.
  •  I read a few helpful books. “Codependent No More” was mind-blowing and very helpful for me.
  • I took a few challenging classes (remember that Discrete Mathematics class- that was so hard but I made an A! ) I think this rewired my mind a bit. I had to think differently and use pathways that were never used before. Neuroscience would agree.
  • Work got better as I focused on improving specific skills and let go of some.
  • At home I started to do the bills which I had passed to Roger and also I started being the one to unload the dishwasher every morning. I know that seems dumb but I wasn’t doing it.
  • I tried to be a little less selfish. Still a work in progress 😛
  • In general, I started to make more of an effort to do the right thing.

Obviously, things change when you do stuff that improves you but with depression, you can’t see that. It takes time. Finding a therapist that goes through the journey with you was in my opinion the #1 most helpful thing I did.

I’m a little nervous telling this about myself. But I want to share it too in case it is helpful. So many people say “get help” but I wanted to explain what my help looked like.

This doesn’t mean I can’t come on here and tell you all I’m having a shitty day because it still happens but today I know a good day can be had.
So ends my weirdly personal post. Don’t think I’m a freak.

The Best Self-Help Tips Episode

AI Summary:

In a recent podcast episode, hosts Rachel and Janette discussed various self-help tips and experiences. From energy repatterning to exercise and social interactions, they shared their insights and personal journeys towards wellness. Here are some of the highlights from their conversation:

Energy Repatterning: A Different Approach to Healing

Rachel shared her experience with an energy repatterning practitioner recommended by her friend Mitzi. While not a psychic, this person helped Rachel make connections in her life and unblock energy that was holding her back. It was a unique and helpful experience for Rachel, who appreciated the opportunity to explore her own needs and focus on personal growth.

The Power of Exercise for Mental Well-being

Both Rachel and Janette emphasized the importance of exercise for their mental well-being. Rachel mentioned how working out helped her feel better on bad days, while Janette shared her journey with the Couch to 5K app. They both found that physical activity had a positive impact on their mental state and overall happiness.

The Value of Social Interactions

Rachel and Janette discussed the significance of social interactions in their lives. Rachel admitted that she could easily isolate herself, but she recognized the importance of connecting with others. Jeanette shared her struggles with social interactions and feeling socially awkward at times. However, she acknowledged the benefits of engaging with people and how it positively affected her mental health.

Finding Your Own Wellness Formula

Rachel and Janette acknowledged that everyone’s wellness journey is unique. They discussed the importance of finding what works for you and experimenting with different approaches. From therapy to taking classes and even getting dressed for work-from-home days, they encouraged listeners to discover their own wellness formula.

The Limitations of Self-Help Books

While Rachel and Janette acknowledged the value of self-help books, they also recognized their limitations. They found that it’s easy to forget the advice and concepts presented in these books. However, they didn’t discount the possibility of finding great self-help books that resonate with individuals and provide valuable insights.

In conclusion, Rachel and Janette’s podcast episode offered a glimpse into their personal experiences with self-help and wellness. From energy repatterning to exercise and social interactions, they shared their perspectives and encouraged listeners to find their own path towards well-being. Remember, what works for one person may not work for another, so it’s important to explore different approaches and find what resonates with you.

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