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Natasha Mathias

Dynamo Dentist to Glam Designer

Successfully Pivoting Careers

What if a simple clerical error could alter the course of your entire career? Listen to Natasha Mathias as she recounts her serendipitous journey from pediatric dentistry to fashion design. Natasha’s story takes us from India, where she was mistakenly placed into dental school, to the United States, where she discovered her passion for pediatric dentistry at Rutgers. After years of running Sparkles Dentistry and making a real difference in children’s lives, Natasha transitioned into the glamorous world of fashion, even designing gowns for the Tony Awards. Her path is a powerful example of the importance of curiosity and embracing unexpected opportunities. Join us for a story that’s as inspiring as it is insightful, filled with practical advice and heartwarming anecdotes.



Most of Natasha’s designs are custom, in-person creations. As her work expands, you will see more of her designs online. Follow Natasha on Instagram.I (Janette) saw this dress in person, not knowing it was one of her creations, and it was utterly gorgeous

Guest Shoutouts: 

Jonathan’s Ballons at the Light Closet

Interview Summary


The podcast episode features an interview with Natasha Mathias, a former pediatric dentist turned stylist and designer of clothing. The hosts, Rachel and Janette, express their admiration for Natasha and discuss her transition from dentistry to fashion.

Natasha’s Background and Dentistry Career

Natasha shares her background, growing up in India and accidentally ending up in dentistry due to a clerical error. She narrates her journey through dental school, starting her own pediatric dentistry practice in Montclair, New Jersey, and the challenges and rewards of being a pediatric dentist.

Dentistry Tips and Insights

Natasha provides insights into dental care, discussing the transmission of cavity-causing bacteria, the importance of disrupting bacteria every 12 hours, and the impact of ties on nursing and oral health. She emphasizes the relationship between form and function in dental health.

Transition to Fashion

Natasha explains her planned transition from dentistry to fashion, detailing the decision-making process and the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. She describes how a chance encounter in India led her to explore her creativity in fashion design and styling.

Fashion Design and Styling

Natasha discusses her creative process in fashion design, including hand-dyeing techniques, unique fabric combinations, and the individualized approach she takes with each piece. She shares stories of styling clients for special events and the positive impact of her designs.

Shoutout to Montclair

Natasha expresses her love for Montclair, New Jersey, describing it as a unique and special place that holds a special feeling for her. She highlights local gems like Jonathan’s Balloons and the sense of community and connection she feels in Montclair.


The hosts thank Natasha for sharing her journey and insights, expressing gratitude for the conversation and looking forward to future interactions. Natasha extends an invitation for the hosts to visit her, ending the podcast on a positive note.


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