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VESTA Chocolate

A Valentine’s Story for Chocolate Lovers

Featured by OPRAH, Martha Stewart, GOOP, Forbes, & More!

Meet the dynamic duo behind Vesta Chocolate where the sweet symphony of cacao beans and artistry unfolds in every bite. Roger Rodriguez and Julia Choi-Rodriguez share their fun and delightful dynamic, relationship history, and chocolate-making adventures with us.

Hear about how they kept missing each other at top kitchens like Gramercy Tavern, Del Posto, and Jean-George until Roger sent an invitation to Julia she couldn’t resist!

Their relationship is the driving force behind Vesta’s success, and we get behind-the-scenes stories like how Julia challenged Roger to make a chocolate chip cookie a chef would eat and now they can’t take it off the menu! (And Rachel can’t stop eating it.)

Press play and learn why Vesta Chocolate is much more than a sweet treat—it’s our perfect Valentine’s episode.

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Vesta Chocolate: A Unique Chocolate Shop


  • The podcast episode features an interview with Julia and Roger Rodriguez, owners of Vesta Chocolate in Montclair.
  • Vesta Chocolate is known for making their own chocolate and creating delicious confections.

The Unique Setting of Vesta Chocolate

  • Vesta Chocolate is located in an old bank vault building in Montclair.
  • The shop has a big, beautiful old vault behind the counter where they make all the chocolate.

Roger Rodriguez’s Background

  • Roger Rodriguez is a pastry chef who has worked in some of the finest restaurants in the world.
  • He has experience in both pastry kitchens and chocolate making.
  • He has a passion for crafting chocolate from bean to bar and creating confections.

The Inspiration Behind Vesta Chocolate

  • Julia and Roger met while working in the industry and bonded over their love for chocolate.
  • Roger’s background in chocolate making and Julia’s experience in commercial food styling led them to start their own chocolate business.
  • They wanted to create a chocolate company that offered high-quality chocolate in various forms, not just bars.

The Process of Making Chocolate at Vesta Chocolate

  • Roger takes pride in being involved in every step of the chocolate-making process, from sourcing the cacao to creating the final product.
  • He combines his pastry chef skills with his knowledge of chocolate making to create unique and delicious flavors.
  • The chocolate at Vesta Chocolate is made with high-quality ingredients and attention to detail.

The Success of Vesta Chocolate

  • Julia’s connections in the industry and their unique product have helped Vesta Chocolate gain recognition.
  • They have been featured on Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Eater.
  • Their focus on quality and passion for their craft have contributed to their success.

The Valentine’s Day Special and Other Offerings

  • Vesta Chocolate offers a Valentine’s Day box with a variety of flavors, including honey, passion fruit, salty caramel, figs and red wine, nutmeg, strawberries and cream, and vanilla orchid.
  • They also offer cookies, brownies, and Basque cheesecake with chocolate on top.
  • Customers can pre-order their favorite items to ensure availability.

Recommendations for Other Local Places

  • Patsy’s Tavern and Artie’s in Maplewood are recommended for pizza.
  • Brick and Mold in Montclair is recommended for pastries.
  • A filming location in East Rutherford is mentioned, but the name is not specified.


  • The interview concludes with a thank you to Julia and Roger for their time.
  • Listeners are encouraged to visit Vesta Chocolate or order online for a unique chocolate experience.

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