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Dive into the caffeinated universe with our latest episode featuring Jonathan Echeverry, the visionary behind Paper Plane Coffee Co.. From Colombian coffee fields to NYC’s fine dining scene, unlock the secrets behind crafting the perfect brew. This episode is your express ticket to becoming a coffee connoisseur! Discover the art, heritage, and innovation that blend seamlessly in every cup. Come on a journey through the aromatic symphony of coffee knowledge – where each sip tells a captivating story. Grab your favorite brew, hit play, and elevate your coffee game!

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Episode Topics / Chapters

[00:19:04] Continuing family legacy through coffee.

[00:27:43] Decaffeination methods.

[00:33:02] Pour over coffee making.

[00:35:03] The science of coffee.

[00:41:27] Blending coffee for harmony.

[00:47:42] Coffee and creative imagination.

[00:49:16] Retro aviation design inspiration.

[00:54:02] The photo drop and film photography.

[00:56:40] Partnering with coffee professionals.

[01:02:05-01:02:16] Controversial cat food commercial.

Podcast Episode Transcript Summary


  • Janette and Rachel discuss a recent power outage they experienced simultaneously.
  • They mention their love for pop culture references and their laid-back approach to life.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Reference

  • Jonathan explains that a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was made in December 2019.
  • The reference became popular and was well-received.

Jonathan’s Background and Childhood

  • Jonathan Echeverry, the guest, shares his background as a first-generation American with Colombian parents.
  • He grew up in Atlanta and was involved in the food and beverage industry from a young age.
  • Jonathan’s family owned restaurants, and he and his siblings worked in the family business.

Childhood Summers in Colombia

  • Jonathan talks about spending summers on his family’s farm in Colombia.
  • The farm was located in a small town called Santuario in the Andes Mountains.
  • He describes the rural lifestyle, horseback riding, and farming activities.

Archaeological Discoveries on the Farm

  • Jonathan’s family farm was discovered to be on top of an archaeological site.
  • Artifacts found on the farm were donated to museums and are now part of Colombia’s cultural heritage.
  • Jonathan recalls finding interesting artifacts and participating in archaeological digs.

Life in Colombia and the Coffee Industry

  • Jonathan describes the traditional way of life in Colombia, with some people living in a more modern way and others maintaining a traditional lifestyle.
  • He talks about the coffee-growing process and the surplus Jeeps used to navigate the mountainous terrain.

Misconceptions about Coffee

  • Jonathan dispels misconceptions about coffee, such as the belief that dark roast coffee has more caffeine.
  • He explains that caffeine content remains the same regardless of the roast level.
  • Jonathan also discusses the decaffeination process and the different methods used.

<h2Jonathan’s Journey to Montclair

  • Jonathan shares his nomadic lifestyle and his various experiences in different cities.
  • He moved to Montclair in 2012 and initially commuted to New York City for work.
  • Eventually, he found a space in Montclair and opened his own coffee shop.

Paper Plane Coffee Company

  • Jonathan talks about the concept behind Paper Plane Coffee Company.
  • He wanted to create a space where people could enjoy high-quality coffee and experience a sense of nostalgia.
  • Jonathan explains the design choices and the blend of mid-century modern and art deco influences.

Different Coffee Brewing Methods

  • Jonathan discusses the differences between pour-over coffee and espresso.
  • He explains the process of making pour-over coffee and the importance of bloom and extraction time.
  • Jonathan also mentions the usual suspects menu, which includes espresso drinks, and the pour-over menu at Paper Plane Coffee Company.

Choosing the Right Coffee Blend

  • Jonathan explains the concept of blending different coffee beans to create a harmonious flavor profile.
  • He describes the specific characteristics of the Brazilian, Colombian, and Ethiopian beans used in their house blend.
  • Jonathan mentions that the blend works well with milk-based drinks like lattes.

Designing the Cafe Space

  • Jonathan talks about the design choices for the cafe space, including using airplane windows and auditorium seats.
  • He mentions finding the airplane windows on Etsy and opting for new auditorium seats for affordability.


  • Janette and Rachel express their admiration for Jonathan’s design skills and his ability to create a unique coffee experience.
  • They thank Jonathan Echeverry for sharing his story and insights into the coffee industry.

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