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We dive into the stressful process of college admissions and college applications. From finding the right fit for your child to navigating the ever-changing landscape of applying to college, could AI help in college selection? We cover it all with Allison Baer. As one of the top college admission consultants around, she shares her insights and advice on how to make the most of this journey. Hang in there, people, because we made it through, and so can you! Don’t miss this informative and entertaining conversation.

College Prep Topics:

00:01:04  Paperwork
00:04:17 College application process is convoluted.
00:16:00 Consider genuine interests for college.
00:17:37 Focus on quality, not quantity.
00:25:21 Consider cost and be open-minded.
00:27:19 Schools are moving away from ED due to discrimination.
00:33:47 Demonstrated interest can be strategic.
00:40:17 Customized help improves college admissions.
00:47:51 Testing is becoming less important.
00:49:10 Testing may become obsolete.
00:57:37 Importance of college experience.

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Navigating the College Admissions Process: Insights from an Educational Consultant



In this episode of the podcast, Rachel and Janette sit down with Allison Baer, an experienced educational consultant, to discuss the ever-evolving landscape of college admissions. From the importance of academic performance to the role of demonstrated interest, they delve into the various factors that shape the college application process.

The Importance of Academic Performance:

Transcript excerpt: Allison emphasizes the significance of maintaining strong academic performance throughout high school. Grades and transcripts remain a crucial factor in college admissions.

Advice for students: Focus on doing your best in school and strive for academic excellence.

Exploring Interests and Extracurricular Activities:

Transcript excerpt: Allison encourages students to explore their interests and engage in activities they genuinely enjoy. Depth and passion in a few activities are valued over a long list of superficial involvements.

Advice for students: Use ninth and tenth grade to discover your passions and engage in activities that align with your interests.

The Changing Landscape of College Admissions:

Transcript excerpt: Allison discusses how the college admissions process has evolved over the years, from the introduction of the Common App to the recent shift towards test-optional policies.

Insight: The increase in applications and test-optional policies have led to lower admission rates, making it crucial for students to carefully consider their college choices.

Financial Considerations:

Transcript excerpt: Rachel and Janette highlight the importance of considering the financial aspect of college admissions. They discuss the strategy of applying to schools that offer generous financial aid packages and leveraging those offers for negotiation.

Insight: Applying to “for-sure” schools that provide favorable financial aid packages can provide leverage when negotiating with other schools.

Demonstrated Interest:

Transcript excerpt: The hosts and Allison discuss the concept of demonstrated interest and its impact on college admissions. They emphasize the significance of Early Decision (ED) applications in showcasing genuine interest.

Insight: While demonstrated interest can play a role, ED applications hold more weight in demonstrating a commitment to a particular school.


The college admissions process is a complex journey that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. From academic performance to demonstrated interest, students and families must navigate various factors to find the right fit. By staying informed and seeking guidance from professionals like Allison Bair, students can approach the process with confidence and make informed decisions about their future.

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