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College Drop Off

From Home to Dorm: Managing the Emotional Transition

Feeling a whirlwind of emotions as you prepare to send your child off to college? We certainly did. Join us, Rachel and Janette, as we reflect on our recent experiences of pushing out our fledglings from the nest and into the world of dorm living and dining halls. A heartfelt conversation, filled with laughter and some advice.

We unearth our own college memories, exploring the lessons we learned and the valuable independence we gained. Drawing from our experiences, we offer advice on maintaining open lines of communication with your child without infringing on their newfound freedom. From dorm-preparation madness to the emotional farewell, we’ll cover it all. If you’re a soon-to-be empty nester, we’re here to help you navigate this significant milestone with grace and understanding. Let’s reminisce, share and learn together. Don’t forget to share our podcast with friends and family who may find solace and comfort in our stories.


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Surviving the College Drop-Off: A Rollercoaster of Emotions


Introduction: The following blog post explores the emotional journey of two mothers, Rachel and Janette, as they navigate the process of dropping their children off at college. From the preparations to the tearful goodbyes, they share their experiences and offer insights for other parents going through the same transition.

Section 1: Preparing for the Departure

  • Rachel and Janette discuss their different approaches to preparing their children for college.
  • Rachel’s daughter was organized and had already found a roommate, while Janette’s son packed last-minute.
  • Both parents made trips to Target and utilized online shopping to gather necessary dorm supplies.

Section 2: Emotional Stress and Tensions

  • The mothers admit to feeling emotional stress leading up to the departure.
  • They share how they tried to remain calm and accommodating to avoid any fights or negative impressions.
  • Rachel and Janette recount a car argument they had with their spouses, highlighting the heightened emotions during this time.

Section 3: Saying Goodbye

  • Rachel and Janette describe their final moments with their children before parting ways.
  • They express the difficulty of holding back tears and the bittersweet feeling of seeing their children embark on a new chapter.
  • The mothers reflect on the changing dynamics at home and the anticipation of the first visit back.

Section 4: Communication Challenges

  • Rachel and Janette discuss their concerns about maintaining communication with their children.
  • They express the desire to avoid becoming overbearing or needy.
  • The mothers contemplate how their children’s texting habits may change and how they can adapt to new communication patterns.

Section 5: Adjusting to the Empty Nest

  • Rachel and Janette acknowledge the mixed emotions of returning to an empty home.
  • They share their thoughts on seeing younger parents with small children and feeling disconnected from that phase of life.
  • The mothers express gratitude for the opportunity their children have to experience college in a different state.

Conclusion: Rachel and Janette offer reassurance to other parents going through the college drop-off experience, emphasizing that the emotions and challenges are universal. They encourage parents to embrace the new chapter and the growth it brings for both themselves and their children. The blog post ends with a lighthearted reminder to cherish the time spent with children before they leave the nest.

Note: The section headers provided in this blog post are based on the content of the podcast transcript.


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