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Allison Task

Life Coach

Life Coaching: Allison’s Inspiring Tale of Personal and Professional Transition

Ever felt like you’re on a path that doesn’t quite feel right? Allison, our guest for this episode, knows that feeling. With a riveting journey from the dot com boom to hosting TV shows, onto becoming a life and career coach, she’s had her fair share of twists and turns. Allison’s journey is a testament to taking the road less traveled and finding your true calling. If you’re grappling with your life’s direction or pondering a drastic pivot, this episode has got you covered!

  • Rockville Centre, NY – going to the mall in ‘ill-fitting’ clothes
  • San Francisco Dot Com Times in the 90’s
  • Food Network and Martha Stewart
  • Working with  clients in their 20s with so much instruction coming at them
  • How Allison works with clients at different stages in their life
  • Values-Driven Life Goals
  • Woo Woo discussion alert
  • Rachel’s experience with life coaching with Allison – the podcast and voiceover!
  • How to work with Allison

Rachel’s Voiceover Coach Shelly Shenoy!
Tosha Silver

Egan & Sons
Montclair History Center Ghost Walk
Montclair Bulldogs
East Side Mags
Congregation Shomrei Emunah

Rachel’s Voiceover Coach Shelly Shenoy!

Tune into this episode and let Allison’s story inspire you to explore new possibilities, take risks, and live your life on your terms.
Allison Task

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