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Joe Colangelo


There’s a nice new mode of transport in these parts! We spoke with Joe Colangelo, the very nice CEO of Boxcar, who introduced us to a more comfortable bus ride that takes commuters from the New Jersey suburbs all the way to Manhattan’s EAST SIDE. It’s the only bus service we know of from New Jersey that offers this route, and people are loving it! But that’s not all they do. Tune to meet the Joe Colangelo and learn what Boxcar is all about.

Tune in to learn about:

  • The buses from NJ to NYC
  • Find a parking spot near transportation
  • Knife sharpening (yes, they offer that service)
  • Grill cleaning
  • Auto detailing (cleaning, not lightning bolts, Rachel)
  • The future of Boxcar

Podcast Interview:



  • [00:04:51] Enhancing the commuting experience.
  • [00:09:23] Charging a membership fee.
  • [00:09:54] Engaged town and transit history.
  • [00:14:11] A different transportation product.
  • [00:19:23] Getting the bus in the city.
  • [00:20:37] GPS location coordinates in real-time.
  • [00:23:42] Pandemic-induced business transformation.
  • [00:27:55] Smart maneuvering and hustle.
  • [00:32:32] Transparency in public transportation.
  • [00:33:05] A $20 coupon code.


And here’s a special offer from Joe: “Yeah. Let’s give out a $20 coupon code. How about using ‘lost NJ’? L O S T N J will get you a $20 free Boxcar credit. Okay, great. So, in order to redeem the coupon, you would go on to the app and enter that code in the left-hand menu. You can create an account, add the coupon code ‘lost NJ’ for a $20 credit. And you can use that…”

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