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Arlinda McIntosh


“Be Bolder As You Get Older.”

Get ready for a delightful chat with the fabulous and bold Arlinda McIntosh, the creative genius behind Sofistafunk fashion label. Famous for her beautiful and sustainable “Gathering” skirts, Arlinda’s designs are a celebration of joy and inclusivity in fashion. After meeting her at the Montclair Film Festival, we’re super excited to welcome her to our podcast for a friendly and inspiring conversation.

In this episode, Arlinda shares her inspiring journey from her early creative days to becoming a beloved fashion designer working with stars like Lil’ Kim and Faith Evans. Her commitment to inclusive fashion, embracing all ages and body types, truly inspires us to be bolder as we get older.

Also, we’ll chat about her recent vibrant fashion show at Loop in Montclair, NJ, featuring everyday people in her lively designs. Tune in for a fun, uplifting talk that will encourage you to embrace your unique style and celebrate your individuality. Don’t miss this chance to hear from the wonderfully bold and fabulous Arlinda!

00:05:30 Passion for fashion and entomology.
00:06:30 Art and creativity can be found in unexpected places.
00:13:18 Recognize and honor yourself daily.
00:17:31 Failure is an opportunity to learn and shift.
00:28:30 Learning from mistakes and assumptions.
00:33:38 Inclusive fashion for all bodies.
00:34:39 Fashion is for everyone.
00:42:18 Celebrate life and enjoy every moment.
00:47:24 Fashion has no rules.
00:52:05 Acceptance and empathy are crucial.

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Celebrating Diversity and Empowering Confidence: A Fashion Journey with Arlinda McIntosh

Introduction: We will delve into the inspiring journey of Arlinda McIntosh, a talented fashion designer and entrepreneur. Through her unique designs and inclusive approach, Arlinda celebrates diversity and empowers individuals to embrace their own style and feel confident in their own skin. Join us as we explore her story and the impact she is making in the fashion industry.

Section 1: From Childhood Creativity to Fashion Passion – Early influences:

  • Arlinda’s childhood experiences with paper dolls, her mother’s vintage store, and her love for entomology.
  • The moment of realization: How Arlinda discovered her passion for fashion and started creating her own clothes.
  • The birth of Sophistafunk: Arlinda’s journey from making clothes for herself to starting her own fashion line.

Section 2: Embracing Serendipity and Seizing Opportunities – Meeting at the Montclair Film Festival:

  • The serendipitous encounter that led to Arlinda’s introduction to Rachel and Jeanette, the hosts of the podcast.
  • The power of connections: How Arlinda’s meeting with Rachel and Jeanette opened doors and led to collaborations and opportunities.
  •  Working with renowned artists: Arlinda’s experience styling artists like Faith Evans, Lil’ Kim, and Total, and the valuable lessons she learned from them.

Section 3: Fashion as a Tool for Mental Health and Self-Expression – Challenging industry norms:

  • Arlinda’s mission to break the mold and showcase real people of all ages, body shapes, and backgrounds in her fashion shows.
  • Celebrating individuality: The importance of embracing one’s unique style and finding confidence through fashion.
  • The joy of self-expression: How Arlinda’s designs and fashion shows create a space for people to express themselves authentically and feel empowered.

Section 4: Loop Fashion Show: A Celebration of Diversity and Inclusivity – The Loop fashion show experience:

  • A glimpse into the recent fashion show organized by Arlinda at Loop, featuring real people as models.
  • The power of representation: How the fashion show showcased a diverse range of individuals, including clients, employees, and community members.
  • Spreading joy and confidence: The infectious energy and happiness displayed by the models as they walked the runway in Arlinda’s vibrant and unique designs.

Conclusion: Arlinda McIntosh’s journey as a fashion designer is not only about creating beautiful clothes but also about empowering individuals to embrace their own style and feel confident in their own skin. Through her inclusive approach and celebration of diversity, Arlinda is making a significant impact in the fashion industry. Her story serves as an inspiration for all those who aspire to follow their passion and make a positive difference in the world of fashion.



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