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Ken’s Crisis – Raising Boys Today

Raising Boys Today

No spoilers but in the movie Barbie, Ken’s character storyline resonated with a conversation we have been having behind the scenes. What is going on with boys today? College enrollment is low, gym memberships are up, and social influencers are guiding many young men. This thought-provoking topic has been making waves lately, even reaching the big screen with the movie “Barbie.” Though it’s a tricky topic to talk about, we firmly believe that having open and honest discussions about these issues is important.

[00:01:31] Caitlin Moran’s controversial statement.
[00:05:20] Boys and men struggling.
[00:10:27] Boys and their lack of purpose.
[00:12:31] The message we’re creating.



What’s Going on with Boys Detailed Synopsis AI-Generated

The hosts of the podcast engage in a discussion about their approach to talking about boys and raising children. One of the hosts identifies herself as a “raging feminist” and shares her efforts to guide her children, particularly her daughters, in a specific manner. However, she becomes aware that the way she speaks about boys may not be beneficial to them.

The other host brings this realization to her attention, suggesting that her language may not be helpful to humanity or her own sons who listen to it. They refer to an article that impacted the host and prompted her to reflect on her language when discussing boys. While acknowledging their differing perspectives on raising kids, with one host having two boys and the other having three girls, they stress the importance of being mindful of the language used when discussing boys and girls, while also recognizing the differences between genders.

During the episode, the hosts recommend a podcast that delves into the topic of men and women. They encourage listeners to give it a listen to gain further insights. They acknowledge that the topic can be controversial and unsettling for some individuals, but they find it intriguing to hear diverse viewpoints on the matter. Additionally, they mention another podcast that follows up on the previous one, where people discuss their reactions to the content.

The hosts direct listeners to these two podcasts after their own conversation on the importance of awareness and making slight adjustments in how we communicate. They emphasize their desire to be exemplary parents and contributors to society, raising well-rounded individuals and making a positive impact on the world. Overall, the hosts recommend exploring these podcasts to deepen understanding and engage in meaningful conversations about the topic of men and women.

In the episode, the hosts express their intention to spark conversations and receive feedback from listeners, particularly men and children, in order to continue the dialogue on the discussed topic. They express their hope to hear from male listeners and welcome input from children. They emphasize that their podcast aims to serve as a catalyst for conversation and encourage listeners to share their thoughts and opinions.

The hosts provide links to other podcasts in the show notes, indicating their desire for listeners to explore different perspectives and engage in further discussions. They also encourage listeners to connect with them on social media and visit their website to stay engaged and share their thoughts. Ultimately, the hosts strive to create an inclusive and interactive platform where listeners can actively contribute to the ongoing conversation.


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