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Sidney Simon


Why So Many People Love Montclair, NJ. Suburb of NYC & Brooklyn Alternative

Meet the very charismatic Sidney Simon and learn why she is one of the top home sellers in the competitive Montclair NJ real estate market. Uncover the secrets behind her ongoing success, from her magnetic charm to her unparalleled expertise. And that’s not all! Get ready to fall in love with Montclair, NJ as Sidney shares her profound affection for this enchanting location. Tune in now for an inspiring journey and experience the magic of Montclair through Sidney’s eyes!


00:06:01 Success and kindness go hand-in-hand.
00:11:39 Explore Montclair, feel the town.
00:21:31 Be kind and considerate to others.
00:24:14 Showing kindness can change someone’s day.
00:29:45 Importance of work-life balance.
00:34:34 Montclair is a special place.
00:42:21 Emotional attachment to homes.
00:48:20 Montclair fosters diversity and independence.



A Conversation with Sydney Simon

Introduction: In this blog post, we dive into a delightful conversation with Sydney Simon, a real estate agent and local mom from Montclair, New Jersey. Sydney shares her journey of moving to Montclair, her approach to real estate, and the importance of enjoying life. Join us as we explore her experiences and insights.

Section 1: From the Bronx to Montclair

  • Growing up in the Bronx and moving to Atlanta
  • Discovering Montclair as the perfect fit for her family
  • The welcoming and diverse community of Montclair

Section 2: Nurturing Through Real Estate

  • Sydney’s nurturing personality and its impact on her real estate career
  • Building trust and making clients feel comfortable during the home-buying process
  • Going above and beyond to provide support and guidance

Section 3: The Power of Authenticity

  • Sydney’s belief in being true to oneself and making genuine connections
  • Understanding that everyone has their own struggles and being compassionate
  • Creating positive experiences and making people feel valued

Section 4: Balancing Work and Play

  • Sydney’s work-life balance and the importance of enjoying life
  • Taking family vacations and making memories
  • Prioritizing travel and exploring new places

Section 5: Raising Independent Children

  • Sydney’s experience with raising her son, Jackson
  • Allowing children to grow and learn independence
  • Embracing the changes and challenges of parenting

Conclusion: Sydney Simon’s journey from the Bronx to Montclair and her nurturing approach to real estate have made her a beloved figure in the community. Her authenticity, compassion, and dedication to enjoying life serve as an inspiration to us all. Whether it’s dancing in a house tour or creating lasting memories on family vacations, Sydney reminds us to embrace the joy in every moment.


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Jennifer Tripucka, Founder of Local Girl Media Group

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