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Join us for a fun chat with the delightful actress Liz Samuel! Learn about the ups and downs of how she started her acting career after having kids and moving BACK to Jersey from Brooklyn.  With 2, or was it 3 tips for those thinking of jumping into the acting gig? Plus, some crazy stuff about a grocery coat toward the end of the conversation.  

She discusses the importance of creating her own work and the excitement of booking roles in TV shows and films. Overall, this episode offers a glimpse into the hosts’ personal lives and the vibrant arts scene in New Jersey.


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00:01:58 Podcast hosts launch with success.
00:05:44 Diverse and multi-talented individual.
00:13:00 Moving to Montclair, New Jersey.
00:19:16 Transitioning from New York to Montclair.
00:23:00 Persistence and self-creation in acting.
00:26:47 Manifesting goals through personal storytelling.
00:33:18 Supporting local talent through storytelling.
00:38:20 Importance of branding in acting.
00:44:47 Embrace accents and regional charm.
00:45:53 Love for local businesses and food.
00:55:39 No takeaway.


From Brooklyn to Montclair: A Journey of Acting and Manifestation

Introduction: In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating journey of Liz Samuel, an actress, producer, and writer, as she transitioned from Brooklyn to Montclair and pursued her passion for acting. Liz’s story is one of determination, resilience, and the power of manifesting one’s dreams.

Section 1: Discovering Montclair – A New Home

  • Growing up in New Jersey, Liz initially had no knowledge of Montclair.
  • Moving from Brooklyn to Montclair was a decision influenced by the town’s charm and proximity to New York City.
  • The allure of Montclair’s tree-lined streets, vibrant restaurant scene, and community spirit captured Liz’s attention.

Section 2: Pursuing Acting – From Community Theater to Co-Starring Roles

  • Liz’s acting journey began while living in Montclair, where she joined Studio Playhouse and performed in community theater productions.
  • She started auditioning for commercials and indie films, gradually building her acting resume.
  • Despite initial setbacks, Liz’s perseverance paid off when she booked her first co-starring role on Law & Order: SVU.

Section 3: Creating Her Own Work – Mom Tris and Montclair Film Festival

  • Fueled by her passion for acting, Liz decided to create her own series, Mom Tris.
  • Mom Tris, a short film turned pilot, was selected for the Montclair Film Festival, a significant achievement for Liz.
  • The experience of showcasing her work in her own community was a highlight of her career.

Section 4: Manifesting Success – From Independent Projects to Major Productions

  • Liz’s dedication to her craft and the success of Mom Tris caught the attention of casting directors and producers.
  • She went on to book roles in an Adam Sandler film and secured another opportunity on Law & Order: SVU.
  • Liz’s journey serves as a testament to the power of manifestation and the importance of creating your own opportunities.

Conclusion: Liz Samuel’s journey from Brooklyn to Montclair is an inspiring tale of following one’s passion, overcoming obstacles, and manifesting success. Her story reminds us that with determination, resilience, and a little bit of creativity, we can achieve our dreams. Liz’s acting career continues to flourish, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.

Note: This blog post is based on the transcript of a podcast episode featuring Liz Samuel.

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