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Roger Sedarat


Roger Sedarat commutes two hours each way from New Jersey to Queens. But his love for his job and his town make it worth it. Enjoy this multi-topic interview with this award-winning poet, professor of literature, poetry, creative writing, and theory at one of New York City’s top-ranked schools for up economic mobility of its students. Enjoy!  Follow Roger on Instagram

00:00:00 Valentine’s Day traditions and accents.
00:10:45 Embrace your unique interests and talents.
00:13:12 Follow your passion in life.
00:18:29 Finding love in unexpected places.
00:23:24 Public education can make a difference.
00:28:31 Education can inspire personal growth.
00:31:08 Long commutes can be challenging.
00:36:15 Opportunity can come unexpectedly.
00:42:09 Haji show captured the insanity.
00:46:31 Love for Montclair grew.
00:54:10 Importance of nature and exploration.
00:57:21 Multiple platforms for podcast promotion.

Exploring the Journey of a Full Professor: A Conversation with Roger Sedarat

Introduction: we delve into the fascinating journey of Roger Sedarat, a full professor and poet. We gain insights into his experiences, his career as a professor, and his unique teaching approach. Join us as we explore the life and perspectives of this remarkable individual.

Section 1: The Journey Begins

  • Growing up in Texas and gravitating towards the arts
  • Discovering a passion for acting and theater in school
  • Pursuing higher education in Austin, Texas

Section 2: Meeting Jeanette and the Path to New York

  • Serendipitous encounter with Jeanette, discovering their shared Iranian heritage
  • Moving to New York City and embarking on new adventures
  • The challenges and joys of starting a relationship and building a life together

Section 3: Becoming a Full Professor

  • Understanding the hierarchy and challenges within academia
  • The significance of achieving the title of full professor
  • The importance of public education and the impact of teaching at Queens College

Section 4: Teaching Philosophy and Classroom Experience

  • Creating a safe space for students to explore their beliefs and ideologies
  • Engaging in critical discussions on topics such as capitalism, religion, and psychoanalysis
  • Encouraging students to challenge societal constructs and think critically about their own agency

Section 5: The Commute and Dedication

  • The daily commute from New Jersey to Queens College
  • Balancing the demands of work and family life
  • The commitment and passion that drives Roger’s dedication to teaching

Conclusion: Roger Sedarat’s journey as a full professor and poet is a testament to the power of education, critical thinking, and self-discovery. Through his unique teaching approach and dedication to his students, he creates an environment where diverse perspectives are valued and explored. As we conclude this blog post, we are inspired by Roger’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of his students and his unwavering passion for his craft.


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