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Chanda Hall

Street Photographer stays connected to NYC from NJ –

To kick things off, we have a fantastic interview with NYC street photographer and our best friend, Chanda Hall! Learn why she moved from Brooklyn to Jersey, her journey to becoming an esteemed photographer, and some of the things she loves about Jersey! Follow Chanda on Instagram.


[00:00:26] Backup dancing for Janet Jackson.
[00:04:41] Hee Haw and country music.
[00:08:18] Roller coaster experiences.
[00:13:53] Chopping down the poplar tree.
[00:17:22] Bias towards New Jersey.
[00:21:00] Art semiotics and filmmaking.
[00:25:43] Artistic evolution and motherhood.
[00:29:27] Symbolism in everyday photography.
[00:33:14] Texting when you get home.
[00:37:19] Local artist support.
[00:42:36] Printing and selling photography.
[00:48:39] Upside down flag on buses.
[00:51:17] Taking thousands of photos.
[00:57:03] Montclair Art Museum.
[00:58:42] Borrowing museum passes from the library.


Capturing the Essence of Life: A Conversation with Photographer Chanda Hall



In this blog post, we delve into a captivating conversation with photographer Chanda Hall. Chanda shares her journey as a photographer, her connection to the city, and her artistic evolution while living in New Jersey. We explore her unique perspective on capturing moments and the symbolism that infuses her work.

From Filmmaking to Photography – A Creative Evolution:

Chanda discusses her background in art semiotics and filmmaking, highlighting her fascination with storytelling and the study of signs and symbols. She shares how her passion for photography blossomed during her time as a stay-at-home mom, providing her with a creative outlet and a means to immortalize the fleeting moments of her children’s lives.

The City as a Muse – Exploring New York Through the Lens:

Despite residing in New Jersey, Chanda’s photography predominantly centers on the cityscape of New York City. She explains her affinity for the city and the vibrant energy it exudes, serving as a perpetual wellspring of inspiration for her work. Chanda’s photographs encapsulate the very essence of the city and its diverse denizens, narrating stories through candid instances and distinctive perspectives.

An Artistic Connection to Montclair:

While Chanda’s photography is primarily urban-focused, she also recognizes the artistic enclave in Montclair, New Jersey. She delves into her participation in local events and organizations, such as Studio Montclair, which champions and showcases the efforts of local artists. Chanda’s association with Montclair enriches her artistic odyssey, bridging the gap between city and suburban life.

The Impact of COVID-19 – Shifting Perspectives:

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Chanda confronted obstacles in accessing the city and encapsulating its essence through her photography. She adapted by immersing herself in the natural splendor of New Jersey, capturing birds and scenic vistas. Nevertheless, she acknowledges that her true fervor resides within the bustling city streets, where she finds the visual provocation and narrative prospects that invigorate her creativity.

Recognition and Connection – Sharing Art with Others:

Chanda articulates her elation in witnessing her photography acknowledged and shared with a broader audience. She prizes the connection her work fosters, beckoning viewers to interpret and engage with the tales encapsulated in her photographs. The nexus between Chanda’s craving for connection and her artistic drive coalesces in her photography, enabling her to proffer her distinct outlook to others.


Chanda Hall’s photographic odyssey underscores the potency of art to surmount barriers and encapsulate the quintessence of life. Her bond with the city and her aptitude for narrative within her photographs underscore the splendor and diversity of the world that envelops us. Whether encapsulating the vigor of New York City or uncovering inspiration in the local community, Chanda’s photography beckons us to perceive the world through her lens and to cherish the stories that unfurl in everyday instances.


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