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Michele Shiber

Animal Control Officer

Bear in a Tree? Don’t Panic! – In this episode, we speak with animal hero Animal Control Officer Michele Shiber of Montclair, New Jersey. She shares some of her most memorable rescues, including what not to do when you encounter a bear in a tree, and how to handle angry raccoons, and so much more:

If you love animals, this episode is a must-listen!  Find her at Animal Control Montclair and  Follow Michele on LinkedIn 


Suburban Wildlife Topics

[00:01:15] Ducks imprinting on humans.
[00:04:01] Dogs and chickens.
[00:08:29] Desire to work with animals.
[00:12:23] Bears in urban areas.
[00:14:10] Bears and garbage can issues.
[00:17:14] Wildlife and human interaction.
[00:20:11] Wildlife doesn’t need our intervention.
[00:24:06] Convincing animals to leave.
[00:28:07] Wildlife in the attic.
[00:30:56] Flying squirrels in toilets.
[00:33:31] Bats hiding in unexpected places.
[00:35:55] Rabies and its transmission.
[00:41:21] TNR: Trap, neuter and return.
[00:43:30] Deer control and Lyme disease.
[00:47:30] Changing rules around chickens.
[00:50:54] Wild turkeys and peacocks.
[00:53:53] Catching a copperhead snake.
[00:56:21] Q Alert app for communication.
[00:59:39] Positive portrayal of animal control.


About Michele Shiber, Animal Control Officer

Michele Shiber is an animal control officer who has dedicated her career to the love and care of animals. She has achieved great success in her field, including bringing her mascot Dolly to adoption events and public appearances, showing important people where animals are microchipped, speaking to the public at various events, and being a first responder in animal-related situations. Michele believes in giving nature a chance and promoting coexistence with wildlife. She emphasizes the importance of responsible wildlife management and managing the outdoor cat population. Her dedication to animal control and her ethos of compassion and coexistence make her a respected figure in her field.


Dealing with Wildlife: Insights from an Animal Control Officer

Introduction: In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of animal control with insights from Michele Shiber, an experienced animal control officer. From encounters with bears to handling baby animals, Michele shares her knowledge and offers valuable tips for dealing with wildlife in our everyday lives.

The Training and Intuition of an Animal Control Officer

  • The journey to becoming an animal control officer
  • The importance of hands-on experience and intuition
  • Balancing the rewarding and challenging aspects of the job

Wildlife Encounters and Safety Measures

  • Dealing with bears in residential areas
  • The role of humans in wildlife encounters
  • Understanding capture myopathy and its impact on wildlife

Helping Wildlife without Interfering

  • The misconception of animals needing constant human intervention
  • Allowing nature to take its course
  • Tips for safely coexisting with wildlife, such as exclusion methods

Addressing Specific Wildlife Issues

  • Groundhog problems and effective exclusion methods
  • Addressing raccoon and squirrel intrusions
  • The importance of humane wildlife removal companies

Debunking Wildlife Myths

  • Clarifying misconceptions about wildlife behavior
  • Dispelling myths about animals entering homes through toilets
  • Identifying flying squirrels and their unique characteristics

Conclusion: Understanding how to coexist with wildlife is crucial for maintaining a harmonious balance between humans and animals. By following the advice and insights shared by animal control officer Michele Shiber, we can ensure the safety of both ourselves and the wildlife around us. Remember, it’s important to respect nature and allow animals to thrive in their natural habitats whenever possible.


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