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Lex LeBlanc

HGTV to Owner of Gym for Grown-ups

A Revolutionary Approach to Fitness for the Over 35s

Get fit and stronger faster! Join us on this episode as we chat with Lex LeBlanc, owner of Brain and Body Method gym in Montclair. Discover the impressive machines with monitors that track your progress and provide two-way resistance for maximum results in minimal time.

From her successful career on HGTV’s Listed Sisters to her work as a production designer for renowned brands, Lex’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Tune in for this delightful conversation and get ready to be inspired!

Episode Topics

  • Hi Lex! 
  • How she landed a show on HGTV
  • How she became a top brand production designer
  • Why she opened a gym
  • Bone strength! Very important people!
  • Why is this gym so great for bone health
  • Importance of being fit over 35, 40, 50, 60 ++++
  • How she lives in Brooklyn but works in New Jersey

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