How to talk about boys and men in crisis today

Janette & Rachel discuss

The above short audio file is for an audience of one, Gloria Steinman.
Would you be willing to help us discuss this topic of boys and men in crisis on a Zoom call for an episode called Gloria Steinem talks with us about a difficult topic. We can workshop the title.

The goal is to understand what is happening with boys and men today and how we can help.


About the podcast

Our podcast is new and people seem to really like it. It’s about life outside of New York City. We interview people that are interesting. Rachel (my co-host) and I moved to the suburbs from NYC but are still very connected to the city as are the majority of the people that live where we do in Montclair, NJ. Our lives are informed by the skyline of Manhattan which we see everyday. We would welcome you as our most admired NYC alumni that has influenced who and how women live just outside New York City.

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Here we are in 2011 at Abigail Disney’s home.